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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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stunning video of a deadly plane crash caught on camera the search for survivors now and what we are learning of those onboard. live doppler hd showing clean sweep across the bay area but meteorologist mike nicco says that is going to change soon. and now we will have to you the traffic. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> that is leyla hail and you have been talking about meteorologist mike nicco. >> man of hour. >> it is rain. fog is the big story. we have half mile in santa rosa and live doppler hd showing a quarter-mile in livermore and the a pass is always a bear and now it is worse because of the dangerous visibility. half mile in oakland. 12-hour delay planner is seeing fog, more widespread this morning and cooler and by noon high clouds and sunshine and nearly 60 and high clouds and sunshine low-to-mid 60's and not a "spare the air" day and
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this evening low-to-mid 50's. dry. >> leyla hail traffic is slowing. >> it is, we have a couple of action as at at bay bridge toll plaza and first, berkeley approaching the maze is busy. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on but we have word there is a minor accident. we have a three car crash in fremont. more details straight ahead. thank you leyla. we begin with breaking news in milpitas. right now there is an active police investigation at two different scenes. matt is gathering details and is near redwood avenue at coyote street. matt? >> there are two accident scenes. this is where police found a suspect vehicle and a woman dead on the ground in the middle of street on coyote street. they set up a bay bayer to block the view of the body.
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the first call came in as hit-and-run accident half a mile away from the scene we are at right now. when police arrived on the scene one of the vehicles left and they found debris and markings on the road that led them here to coyote street and half a mile away and they found the vehicle partly on fire and found a woman on the ground outside of the vehicle. she was dead. they are not sure exactly what caused her death whether it was the accident or the fire or combination. this is considered the suspect vehicle because it did leave the scene of the accident but they are not sure which vehicle caused the accident and that is part of traffic team's investigate and the other people in the other vehicle just suffered some minor injuries.
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now the investigation is taking place in two locations: we expect milpitas police to be here for a while to determine exactly what caused the woman's death and why possibly she fled the scene. >> more break news from the south bay firefighters are still on the scene of a fire in san jose at a duplex. crews put water on the fire that break out at 2:15 across the street from the elementary school. a neighbor jumped into action and helped to we evacuate the home. he shot cell phone video of the fire and crewing are trying to decide if that was started by fire lines. >> search continues in taiwan for victims of a plane that crashed into a river the crash was caught in dramatic fashion dash camera video and the death toll is rising we learned. >> good morning we have been
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watching this all morning and officials have confirmed the worst: 25 people confirmed kid and 15 hospitalized and 18 of missing after the flight crashed into taiwan. look at the video dramatic video of something you have to see with your own eyes. it is amazing that anyone could survive a crash like this, a full body plane barreling down from the cry and the flight carrying 53 passengers and five crew members crippled a bridge and crash into a river shortly after take off. footage of plane filmed from inside passing cars showed it banking sharply hitting a taxi and clips the bridge before it crashed into the river. the people in the taxi survived and were taken to a hospital but at least 18 messengers on the plane are still missing. reports say 31 passengers were chinese tourists including three children, one three-year-old boy has been found alive. no word yet what may have caused the crash but officials say the black boxes have been covered. both pilots were in their 40's with 11,000 hours of flying time
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between them. the plane was nine months old and last complete add safety check in >> the suspect arrested in the case of a dismembered body found in san francisco last weekend is a free man. the 59-year-old mark andrus walked out of jail last night. the d.a. says there is not enough evidence to charge andrus. police arrested him for murder on friday after surveillance video showed him in the same spot where a for so was found in a suitcase. other body parts were found near the cold examiner has not identified the body or determined cause of death. champions could come later if more evidence turns up. >> former state senator yee has been using campaign cash to pay attorneys after being indicted on core reduction. according to the "los angeles times" he shelled out $128,000
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so far. the practice is legal. he was indicted on charges of accepting $62,000 campaign contributions. he is accused of offering to arrange the sale of machine guns and missiles to an undercover f.b.i. agent posing as a mob figure. he has pleaded not guilty. >> the san mateo sheriff is asking for the help of the public to find a man accused of exposing himself at a bus stop. a woman waiting for the bus on monday night at 11 o'clock and a man stop the car and flashed the woman. this is the car driving off the victim says the suspect was if a light-colored four-door sedan with a rear spoiler and you can see driving away from the scene. >> more than 20 rehabilitative birds covered this mystery goo will be released back into the wild in the east bay. international bird rescue has already released 86 sea birds and they still have 132 birds in
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their car and each in various stages of recovery from being coated in the mysterious substance that still has not been identified. today positive release is at 11 o'clock a.m. >> a deadly disease is killing off pigeons. by the thousands. across california. including in santa clara county. the delegates of the pinch ons in -- pigeons began last month and have been rising because of a parasite attacking the pigeons and spreading a disease that caused lesions that close off the bird's throat causing them to starve or suffocate. >> losing a thousand is a big deal. they do not refer -- recover quickly because they only have one chick a year. >> the drought is contributing to the problem because they are sharing limited water resources and infected each other. officials say this is happening in santa barbara county and
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hopefully they hope it will slow down when they migrate out of area. >> a marketing campaign from san francisco ride share service lyft could be the most expensive game of hopscotch ever with the company and the advertising company chalking hop sketch on the sidewalks in the area but the city attorney calls it "graffiti," saying it defaces the area and is asking them to pay person amounts for the continue sills but will not say how were they will be asking for but they say it will be large enough to deter other examines from doing something similar. >> we have been waiting for the storm gates to open with more rain and now it will open big time. >> we have to fine the key first but we are doing that and mike has the forecast. >> are you key masser? >> in. >> good morning everyone on
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the peninsula what a wide range of temperatures from 42 at wood side and palo alto and menlo park at 43 and redwood city at 45 and foster city is 46 and bell monday is 47 and san mateo is 49 and san bruno june and san carlos 48 and 54 in san francisco, and antioch, good morning, and half moon bay and los gatos at 52 degrees. today, we are going to get rid of the fog with hazy conditions and not a "spare the air" day but warmer-than-average but not the 70's and reports we had yesterday. mid-to-upper 60's at the bay and the coast and low-to-upper 60's from inland north bay. the fog is getting thicker on 101 around san rafael and rain thursday north, and rain if the rest of us on friday and saturday. >> we are tracking an accident approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and this from ramsey a wazer that found this. there is heavy traffic at ten miles per hour and it is down to
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seven and it is better when you are beyond the metering lights into san francisco. the second crash has confirmed it is in the southbound direction and you can see all of that slowing at unanimous miles per -- 19 miles per hour at warren avenue and we have wazers saying it is a major crash. everyone is pushed to the shoulder but we are still dealing with the heavy delays. the drive on the peninsula is 101 280 to palo alto you are clear as we get closer towith travel delays and clear conditions and the skyway is only going to take you ten minutes from sfo to 3rd. san francisco's uber underfire. again. the alleged assault under investigation right now. >> a california man is found guilty of running a a revenge porn website and his message after he finds out he faces
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serious jail time. >> you could pay more for the chipolte burritos. stay tuned.
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>> covering cupertino concord wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning on this when. it is 6:13. traffic is moving on the san mateo bridge with tail lights headed westward and headlights headed into hayward with both directions moving better now and moving fine after an early incident.
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french satire magazine "charlie hebdo" will return to news stands the target of a terror attack in paris that killed 12 people. management has delayed resumed publishing the weekly edition to give families more time to grief. a special survivor issue sold out after the attack and regular "charlie hebdo" editions return february 25. >> a man convicts of running a revenge porn website is apologizing to hundreds of women he exploited. a jury found 28-year-old guilty on 27 counts this week. he ran a website where men posted nude pictures their ex-es in revenge. the women in the photos had to pay the man did have the images taken down. in the first interview after his conviction he apologized to the victims. >> i regret the website and i am sorry that...i did that to hurt
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you and please forgive me. >> this is believed the first criminal prosecution in the united states involving cyber exploitation. he faces up to 20 years in prison. san francisco start-up now is at the center of another sex assault investigation and uber driver in southern california is now accused of attacking a woman on saturday night. the police say the man pull up to the woman on street and told her he was with uber and the woman got in the car and miss say that is when the assault took place. the driver has not opinion arrested but he we is cooperating with the investigation. a spokesman with uber said the driver was not working for the company the night of the incident and has since been suspend. los gatos-based netflix is on-line after the outage left customers untable -- unable to stream movies and tvs mostly in north america and south america and europe.
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service was restored if an hour. the investigation interest what went wrong is ongoing. some users appear to be distraught. depression and more very were some of the words used to describe people's reaction on twitter. >> if you enjoy steak with chicago before chipolte they could raise beef prices because of global drought led to a shortage of beef and it is more expensive to several steak with an average of 40 to 69 cents more than location depending on the location. the high hike should not hurt sails. last time the customers did not notice or care and sales were not affected. >> tires on cars are expensive and it is easy to pay $1,000 for a set so tonight at look we look at the options.
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"7 on your side" fine as new choice for consumers. >> what would you do for tires if you could future come here? >> again to used tires and...that was my second opening. >> the first option was to rent. yes, rent tires. is it a good deal. and people do tut have rain for six months of year and you drive and look attires and you say, man, before the rain season starts... >> we are getting rain. >> check the tires and the wipers. rain is on way. now, the fog shows half what
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mile in santa rosa and guerneville and to rohnert park and petaluma at 1.5 mile and thick around concord, too so 242 highway 4, 680 from martinez and pleasant hill to walnut creek which is where our window is showing and it is looking south deeper into the san ramon valley so it is thick so the fog yesterday is definitely waiting for you. san jose 87 at shark tank and partly cloudy but so far the fog has not quite made it to your neighbor. high clouds and sunshine today and not a "spare the air" day and a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday no more records after two days the north bay, the rain tomorrow, and the rest of us get it friday through monday and coming in with two different systems as it does with the events. we are in the warm sector so with limited sunshine from time to time we are in the mid-to-upper 60's if most areas
6:19 am
and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and the lack of st. compared to yesterday is why i don't think we will see any records today. it will be another mild night tonight with patchy fog and look at the temperatures, mid-to-upper 40's inland, and upper 40's to mid-50's around the bay shore and to the coast and notice where the rain is starting to move into to north bay overnight and the rest of us could have drizzle and patchy light showers. the block area of high pressure is steering this part of the storm to the north and it is going to on the door for the next series of wet storms to roll in. you have have to down the other one. by action we will have scattered showers ahead of the system but mostly in the north bay where it will be thursday night and watch how heavy it is on friday that is why we will have the possibility of flooding from 6:00 friday morning to 6:00
6:20 am
saturday morning in the north bay with the heavy rain which moves through our neighborhood friday afternoon through saturday morning and we will get a break on saturday interest sunday and sunday later into monday the secondary system comes in. up to 1" in the south bay and 1-3" for most of us and up to 8" in the coastal mountains. >> a report of fire in the treasure island tunnel and we are trying to feigned out more information on that. it look like the remark is heavy. also building in san jose northbound 280 from highway 17 southbound traffic tail lights are moving along without any problems and northbound traffic is busy. also busy to the north and east of there is where we have the couple of injury accident involving three vehicles southbound side of 880 making the drive through fremont 13 miles per hour is the top speed so we have backups away from highway 84. we are looking at heavy traffic
6:21 am
building from castro valley on 238 northbound to southbound 880, 24 miles per hour through to highway 92 and a stalled vehicle eastbound highway 24 at the caldecott tunnel with one lane blocked is be careful leaving highway 13. >> thank you, a jumbo jackpot in the power ball drawing. stay tuned. first though, we show you a picture of the golden gate bridge. traffic is move fine. stay tuned. clear
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we will look at san francisco san francisco and we can see a little bit of cloud cover but the real story is the rain. it is on the way. mike will tell us about that just ahead. >> but, first a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning coming up on "good morning america" breaking overnight, at least seven people killed and dozens injured in a fiery commuter train crash with a vehicle. it happened just outside of new york city. we will hear from a passenger on the train. that is on "good morning america" next. >> thank you is in 36 minutes. right now the thin mints could cost you more this year. some girl scout troops are raising the prices of cookies by up to a dollar so it could cost up to $5 for a box. what you pay depends where you live. tag alongs can cost more in other parts of the country. is the first time many trips have raised their rices in a -- prices in a decade.
6:25 am
>> there is a giant powerball jackpot up for grabs $317 million for the drawing, the biggest prize if a year. there has been something of a drought with federally a year passing since the powerball totaled climbed above $300 million. lottery official say there is no particular reason for the lull. what with you do if you won? start thinking. >> boston official say the victory parade for the super bowl new england patriots take place today no matter what it was scheduled yesterday but the snow and bitter cold forced it to be postponed. the team reportedly toll the mayor the event needs to take place today because many of the players already have listens to to -- plans it leave town after winning super bowl xlix. the parade kickoff in an hour and a half. new england patriot and fan
6:26 am
for seahawks say they snuck into university of know fix stadium to watch the have been without tickets and watched most of it from $25,000 seats. >> did you know there were nfl fans in ireland. richard and paul say they walked into the stadium hiding behind aid workers and made it across another line of guards not pay attention and moved from seat to seat in the first half and a man says two women in the 4th would be leaving their seats in the second quarter so they could perform in katy perry's half time show. >> now we all necessity how they did it. not that we would copy that or anything. >> not a chan. >> especially since it is clear. >> we have the top stories. >> $4 million malfunction with the new bay bridge and the specked problem that caltran is trying to fix. >> developing now tragedy on the tracks.
6:27 am
more on deadlier -- problem on a railed. >> a man accused of killing someone and leaving a for so if a suitcase has been released from jail. that is ahead. >> get ready for foggy commute. and prepare for heavy rain. possibly flash flooding across the north bay. in the traffic center, fog and construction are not a great mix in walnut creek and this is 680 southbound traffic moving along very slowly at 12 minutes from highway four but northbound we have construction blocking lanes from treat to monument. slow down the speed if the cone female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning.
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6:29. a look at the oakland maze to start the morning. not a bad sight so good news on that stretch. thank you for joining us. there will be more on the rain tomorrow. leyla gulen is here with traffic. but first, rain. where is it, mike? >> over the ocean the not here. that is for sure. we do have moisture in the form of fog. live doppler hd shows santa rosa half moon bay mile and petaluma a mile and livermore is two miles and concord is half a mile and the fog is thick over walnut creek. we could see the cars and now we can. that is the backdrop to the 12 hour day planner with upper 50's to low 60s and hazy and high clouds and sun and low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and delightful evening at mid-40's. >> what about the roads? >> walnut creek watch out for the construction between treat and monument boulevard and that
6:31 am
was under that camera but a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is heavy traffic and you saw the maze as you make it from berkeley to emeryville and at tolls it is packed and we have a report of a fire odor in the treasure island tunnel and we are trying to find out more information with calls to san francisco fire and c.h.p. and we will have more information coming up. develop now the suspect in the case of a for so found if a suitcase last week is now a free man. mark andrus seen here was released last night for lack of evidence. amy hollyfield is at the hall of justice with what is ahead in the case. amy? >> d.a. said the case wasn't strong enough. we have video of him walking out of jail last night. mark andrus did not say a word. he leaves jail. the public defender was at his side and described him as relieved. this is the man would police
6:32 am
felt they needed to arrest because they thought he killed and dismembers a man. the d.a. said this is not enough evidence and declined to charge him. police could arrest him again if they get more evidence. his defense attorney does not know whether police will be trailing him. >> they have not indicated they want him to report or they will monitor him in anyway, he has no plans to leave san francisco. he will be here. >> he was arrested on friday and police released images of him saying he was in the area where the body parts were found and it was a human torso found inside a suitcase, headless and handless torso police still do not know who was killed or how the person died. the medical examiner is working on that part of the investigation and the d.a. said it will continue to work with police to gather evidence in this case. we are continuing to follow
6:33 am
developing in us in taiwan with recuse operations underway after a transasia airways plane crashed after take off last night. the traumatic crash was caught on video. the plane is going to clip the bridge. it crashes into the river. it is hard to plaintiff anyone -- hard to believe anyone survived. but 15 survived. 25 people were getting word are dead. some reports say 23. another 18-20 are still missing. the threat was headed from taipei when the pilot lost control hitting a taxi and clipping the bridge before crashing into the river. media is reporting most passengers were chinese tourists including three children. a massive korean pulled the fuselage from the river and survivors swam to the bang or were pulled from the rafts. both black boxes have been
6:34 am
recovered. >> the ntsb is sending a team to investigate a deadly commuter train crash this a new york suburb after a s.u.v. was stop on the tracks. the driver of the vehicle and five passengers on the train killed. 15 other people are still hospitalized this morning. the ntsb team is expected to arrive at the site later today to begin the process of fining out what caused the accident. >> we do deal with these. this is not the first. our goal is to try and, frankly, to make it the last. >> the ntsb says they will likely take up to a year to complete the investigation. >> today jury deliberations are set to begin in the trial of a san francisco man facing drug and murder for liar -- hire built whats running a black market website called silk
6:35 am
making $1 billion in illegal drug sales the f.b.i. arrested the defendant in 2013. the prosecutor accused him of trying to hire others to kill people would posed lets to his business. >> the home depot in emeryville is clean up after protests angry over the deadly shooting of an armed woman by police wrote bra -- graffiti on the store and break windows. they demonstrated and held a vigil in front of the home depot. yesterday afternoon witnesses say the woman pulled a gun after security officers accused her of shoplifting. the police chased her down into oakland and that is bordering the two cities. a when was caught in the cross first when officers fired on the suspect. >> screaming loudly "she has a gun," and she ran from his car over to my car.
6:36 am
the police were given commands and i could not tell what they were saying but they were yelling strong commands and next thing i know, boom, boom boom. >> he heard six or seven shots and some of them shatteredded window of the car and he and his friend were not hurt. police say they recovered a firearm at scene. >> more problems for the new span of the bay bridge according to the san francisco chronicle a $4 million elevator in the eastern span new tower does not work and this was picked to give investors better view of the bay and crews use it to do tower maintenance and the elevator door malfunctined in early december after a few rides and it took would weeks to fix it. two weeks later it broke down and has been stuck halfway up the tower sin. caltrain is trying to fine the money to fix the elevator. >> have it days are on for president obama's fundraising stop in san francisco. the chronicle reports the technology investor and his wife
6:37 am
will host the event at their home. for $10,000 gifts can hear afternoon speak and pose for a picture. those would fork over $20,000 more are recognized on the invitation. the president will attend a cyber security summit with senior white house leaders and local crows at standfor. >> milpitas police found a bizarre discovery leading to an investigation. stress in america: can you guess what the top source of worry and anxiety is across the country? check this out the bay bridge toll plaza is very busy. stay tuned.
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expect in oakland during february. we warm up three degrees on both the highs and lows. 81 and 29. those are the extremes. 4.5" the second wettest month. we will get too much in the north bay, sonoma and napa and marin 6:00 tomorrow morning until 6:00 saturday morning flash flood warnings. >> today upper 60 chico and 6 in fresno and 84 in palm springs. rain is on way for lake tahoe to start the storm. the snow level is 8,000 feet through the welcome interest monday. >> bart trains are rolling and ace train three is five minutes late and five and seven are on time and we focus on the nasty spots with an accident here that is in the works southbound 880 at warren avenue a. look what it is doing to the traffic, on miles per hour coming away from highway 84 but if you are leaving 238 to come into fremont you are adding 20 members commute because of the
6:41 am
accident. here is a look at richmond-san rafael toll plaza busy conditions and you have a lot of traffic as folks try to pull into the tolls and when you get across the bridge you are moving along fine and here is a look at san rafael the drive along 101 loading up just a little bit and as we take a look at the drive along the golden gate bridge it is hazy. 6:41. a retail mega merger is official we will take you to the nasdaq for your morning money report. >> new details on whitney houston's daughter and what "people" magazine has learned about bob christina brown as she clings to live. >> first stay in the know with abc7 and a look at san mateo bridge which is heavy but moving. stay tuned.
6:42 am
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> police are handling not one but two crime scenes in milpitas after a deadly discover. matt? this is an unusual case. there are two scenes. this is where police found the suspect vehicle and set up a barrier to block the view of the body on the road. first call came in after 3:30 a hit-and-run accident in north milpitas boulevard. officers arrived a vehicle last the scene. they saw debris and markings on the ground that led them half a mile away. >> vehicle was partly on fire. the officers were able to extinguish the fair and they found a female deceased at the scene. >> investigators have several jobs to do at the two scenes including determining the cause of the accident. second, figuring out what killed the woman? the accident? the fire? something else? two people in the other vehicle
6:45 am
did not have serious injuries. several roads are blocked off including coyote street and milpitas police and firefighters are expected to be here for a while. new details this morning involving bobbi kristina brown the daughter of the late sing are whitney houston. the 21-year-old is fighting for her life if atlanta where she was moved yesterday. curing to "people" magazine she is on a ventilator to help her breathe and remains in a coma. her father is reportedly making the medical decisions and the attorney says that bobbi kristina was never married to nick nick gore done. he and a friend found her face down in a bathtub last week at her home. >> what causes you the movie stress in your life? if the answer is money, welcome to the group. according to the american psychological association, finances are the top sources of stress for most americans.
6:46 am
despite the rebounding economy more than a quarter of those surveyed say they are stressed out about money and most or all of time and 90 percent say stress has either stayed the same or become worst past year. >> money is less stressful when you talk to jane king. a store merger is official. and get ready for higher gas prices. jane king is at the nasdaq with those stories. >> good morning, no stress here on wall street we have a couple only with a little bit lower and the dow is down ten and the is suspect lower by seven and nasdaq is lower. an office supply giant staples, agreed to bay office depot in $6 billion deal. antitrust regulators will look closely at this. it would leave just one brick and mortar office store and the stores say they do need to merge to compete against amazon and online office retailers. oil is at a new high, and is up
6:47 am
20 the past week and we have enjoyed the lower prices but they were so low they caused problems with other parts of the economy including jobs in the oil industry. twitter shares jumped on a new advertising deal and it is promoted tweets appear on other websites and mobile apps. partners are flipboard and yahoo japan. u.p.s. says it overspent on holiday shipping and has a plan on make the money back and it involves us, it will start charging more for home delivery of packages saying it costs three times as much to deliver to a home because it is often just a single package and businesses get multiple boxes. starbucks will really out coconut make to all stores that experimented and now it will be nationwide in two weeks. the time to check with meteorologist mike nicco
6:48 am
monitoring the rain coming in very soon. >> along with the fog we are dealing with right new. take a look at live doppler hd and half a mile in concord, a mile in santa rosa and petaluma and livermore and 2.5 in oakland and the fog is on the move. watch out for variable visibility. right now again, we cannot see 680 at 30 seconds ago we could see 680 at walnut creek and here is a look from the camera, a beautiful colorful morning and right now, fine particulate matter is exceeding standards although today is not a "spare the air" day so be careful. sunny today because of high clouds and supposed to be cleaner and cooler air and forth bay rain begins foam with two storms with the river event friday through monday. for most of us. today 62 in vallejo, a cool spot and low-to-mid 60 and mid-to-upper 60 and record high temperatures like the last couple of days and mid-to-upper
6:49 am
40's inland and mid-50's and mild tomorrow morning with scattered light showers ahead of the band which now is grabbing a last moisture as it comes across the pacific and you can see by friday that is when the bulk of it hits our neighbors and the heaviest flooding rain is possible in the north bay and a break on saturday and the secondary wave comes in and sunday into monday the river is not so stout as the first one. here we are, tomorrow morning, you can see a few green dots and mainly a dry commute and fog is possible again and rain continues across the north bay during the evening and overnight through friday or while the rest of us should be dry right along 80 north we will have the rain and you see the orange the reds, that is why we expect flooding from 6:00 friday morning through can saturday morning and you can see dug the evening commute as you try to get to lake tahoe you will drive through that moderate-to-heavy rain on 8 positive and moving into the rest of bay friday evening and you can see a break
6:50 am
as we head to saturday for the next storm. still hoping for up to 1" in the south bay and 3-5" in the not bay and 6-in the coast 58 mountains. >> using our mobile 380 camera we approach the metering lights and traffic is heavy and we are there before you get on to the roads and you can see exactly what it is going to look like. we had report of a possible fire in treasure island tunnel and it does not appear anything was there and san francisco fire checked it out and could not find anything. you cleared on go. other areas of the bay area san mateo bridge the drive from hayward to foster city is slow going. painful. 18 minutes across the water. eastbound direction between foster boulevard to the or side lanes are blocked. friday and saturday through march 1 you will have fremont street off-ramp shut down
6:51 am
completely overnight with detours in place. giants fans likely brave the rain to get close to the world champions this weekend. >> bumgarner and posey and pens -- pence will be among those at the park and fans can meet with the members and coaches and play catch with hourly service by bart. continue fest is saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 people and admission is free. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, showing you the bay bridge toll plaza. very busy. stay tuned. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster
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>> am on this wednesday at 6:53. a look from the bay bridge the eastern span heading west traffic seems to be moving along beyond the bay bridge toll plaza. leyla gulen has more on traffic. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. the breaks news milpitas police are on the scene of a fatal hit-and-run accident investigation trying to figure what happened. there are actually two scenes. police found a car on fire and a
6:54 am
woman dead on the ground next to the vehicle on coyote street. another call came in half a mile away as a hit-and-run accident. >> the suspect arrested in the case of a dismembered body found in a suitcase in san francisco is free this morning. the d.a. says there is not enough evidence to charge 59-year-old mark andrus seen leaving jail with his public defender last night. he could be charged later if more evidence comes to light. >> crews still searching for survivors in the cash of a transasia airways plane in taipei. several people caught the dramatic crash on camera as it smashed into a bridge and crashed into a river where 58 people on board. 23 people are dead. 15 are hospitalized. 20 are still missing. sick, live doppler 7 hd showing how thick the fog is inland at half a mile in the east bay. look how beautiful the high clouds and pollution make the morning sunrise in gown san
6:55 am
francisco with high clouds, cooler breeze at the cost and low-to-mid 60's and not so warm money 60's around the bay and low-to-upper 60's inland with the low 60 in the north bay because of a southern wind. it is the north bay that could have flooding rain on friday. crystal clear picture in san jose but the traffic is murky northbound side of 101 coming away from 880 is busy and getting slower apporaching the san jose airport. the crash is cleared southbound 880 at warren avenue. however we do have twice as long as a drive away from 238 to fremont, an hour to get you there. and here is another look at the san mateo bridge slow going across the water there and as you move into san rafael i will show you that commute looking like it is busy and here is the golden gate bridge it is foggy. two state senators plan to introduce legislation today calling for changes to child vaccinations in california. details of the legislation have
6:56 am
not been revealed but it is expected to tighten or eliminate the opt out clause some use to keep their kids from getting advantage natured. >> new england patriot parade is scheduled in an hour in downtown boston. officials say the parade will take place today no matter what because many of the players already have listens to labor -- leave town. it was originally scheduled yesterday but there was too much snow and it was pest penned -- postponed. >> see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, dual disasters. tragedy on the tracks. this packed commuter train smashing into an suv sparking a massive blaze that consumed the first car. the fire melting the windows. cellphone footage capturing the chaos. >> this is probably the worst tragedy i've ever responded to. >> at least seven people killed -- six people killed and a dozen more injured. one of the survivors from that first car here exclusively. also breaking right now, the dramatic plane crashed over a crowded city. darkcam capturing the final moments. clipping a bridge. emergency crews pulling survivors out of a river and the latest now. and arctic blast. frigid air sending temperatures plunging, wind chills below zero


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